Love Is What I Got (6" x 8")

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Pen Drawing on Canvas

6” x 8”


created: 4/30/2018


-This piece honors one of my favorite musicians, Bradley Nowell (former singer/guitarist of Sublime) R.I.P.

I am seen standing aside Brad,

singing his song “What I Got” 

I am wearing his Band’s signature Sun logo shirt*, which actually inspired my brand’s logo.

*The creator of the Sublime sun logo is a great artist & musician by the name of Opie Ortiz (singer of Long Beach Dub Allstars) upon finding his Instagram, I messaged him explaining how his art inspired me and in return he actually enjoyed my work which was humbling. 

-Brad’s son Jacob is an amazing musician as well. I recommend you listen to his band “LAW.”
The resemblance to his fathers voice is awe inspiring . One of my favorite songs is “Good Thing”.

It’s amazing how Brad’s musical genius continues to live on through his music and offspring. 

Some of my favorite Sublime songs : Bad Fish, Santeria, What I Got