December 2020 - Minty Z Mural - Mural # 1

As the centerpiece of their dining room, my colorful mural brings a fun vibe to a new delicious vegan restaurant in town. As a lover of a vegan lifestyle over 5 years now, I must say Minty Z is a phenomenal asian bistro. One of the best our city has to offer!! Located in Coconut Grove @ 3206 Grand Ave Miami, Fl 33133 
Please schedule a visit, make reservations on yelp. Great for dates or the whole family.




January 2021 - Sir Thrifty Mural - Mural # 2

Still located inside Sir Thrifty, a new thrift store in downtown miami, right across the Publix on 17 terr on Biscayne Blvd. Go check them out & see this massive 15+ft tall mural in person! 






November 7-12 , 2021 - Mural # 3

Lincoln’s Beard Brewery 

7360 SW 41st St
Miami, FL 33155
United States


Teams of 2 Artists painted different section of this Union Wall 2.0  - The front of their brewery is now covered in various styles of street art to pop culture. Please go see the mural, I’m proud how it came out. My contribution is everything within the violet spiral with our favorite alien characters flying in UFO’s :  🛸
Had some help by my artist friend Danny Miami. 

Jan-Feb 2022 - Mindful Warrior - Mural # 4
(No longer Visible) & was located inside the warehouses near Lincolns Beard Brewery at an old CBD kitchen.


 May 2022 - Vitruvian Homer 8 - Mural # 5 
Helped out with the 1 k show & made this beauty near Wynwood east side of train tracks on Ne 24th st; will be visible for 1 year. This is the 8th Vitruvian homer painting i've created. 

June 2022 - July 2022 - JD's Veg Mex - Mural # 6 

Mural 7 - November 2022 - wynwood / no longer visible

Mural 8 - Minty Z (2ND location) in Midtown Miami 

February-March 2023 

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